Posted by: mariguana13 | March 26, 2010


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Sex: Feminizada

Tipo: 25% Indica 75% Sativa

Harvest: Mitad Octubre

Flowering: 8 semanas en interior

Production: Media/Alta

Jacky White’s resistance, high yields, fast culmination, and superb profile, are all highly appreciated features. This mainly Sativa hybrid is also remarkable in its stability, with just slight variations amongst individual plants. Outdoors, Jacky White prefers a moderately sunny climate. It is prone to branch forming, thus the suitable garden location ought to have enough room to allow its best development and yielding. This strain welcomes a pruning or the curving of its branches to increase its yielding. Jacky White smells of a flowering grapefruit tree; it has a maximum culmination time of 60 days, and plenty of solid, shiny and glittery resin-packed colas. Indoor harvest is impressive: up to 600 grams per m2 under a 600 W high pressure sodium light bulb. Outdoors harvests may be even higher. The cultivation style for Jacky White is as that of Sativas, with a touch of good Indica features (easy, hardy, fast culmination). Likewise, its high is like Sativa’s with an Indica spark to it to avoid the fast rising Sativa high. It offers a cerebral, clear, mind-focused high, along with a pleasant and long-lasting physical feeling. Its tasty citrus-like misty taste will drive all smokers on a bong rechaging mission.


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